About Us

Welcome to our website.  I am Jay Shachter, founder and owner of  Vintage Firearms, Inc., established in November of 2008 as a source for all things related to collecting, shooting, restoring, and investing in quality vintage shotguns and other collectible/sporting arms.  After spending decades of chasing and shooting these fine guns (in the process buying and selling well over 1000 fine doubles) and absorbing all of the education I could, I came to a few enlightened conclusions:

  1. vintage shotguns handled and shot better than most of the modern guns that cost nearly twice as much
  2. due to the very limited supply you could buy a quality vintage double, shoot it for years, and sell it for more than you paid for it, often A LOT more
  3. the history and romance that goes with owning and shooting these guns elevates the pleasure derived exponentially
  4. once you expose yourself to all of the above you tend to develop a deeper appreciation for your time spent afield
  5. And then for many of us, we pass this appreciation on to family, friends, and neighbors, perpetuating our outdoor heritage


It takes more than passion to operate a great business.  There were a few things I realized early on that became the foundation of Vintage Firearms, Inc.:

  1. Take a technical approach to buying and selling vintage shotguns.  Know what you are buying.  Know what you are selling.  Simple.  We own the gauges and tools required to properly define the important attributes of a quality shotgun, we know how to use them, and don't buy shotguns without them.  Of course that means we don't buy or sell shotguns that don't measure up.  We provide this information to our prospective customers so they may also make good decisions when spending their hard earned dollars.
  2. Take professional photographs.  Show all details and important areas of firearms by providing clear, well lit, high definition photographs on all of the products we sell.  We have invested in the proper equipment and skills to give clients a close-up, clear look at what they may be purchasing.
  3. Nobody buys just one.   WE BUILD LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS BY ALWAYS PROVIDING QUALITY PRODUCTS AND STANDING BEHIND THEM WITH QUALITY SERVICE.  Understand your customer's wants and needs and make sure you fulfill them, and they will call you when it is time for another.  We have made many friends throughout the country by being consistently above expectations.
  4. Educate your customers.  The more we all know about the shooting characteristics, history, value, and mechanical details of what makes one gun more exceptional than another, the better purchases we will make and the more enjoyment we will gain from our investments.
  5.  Provide quality services to properly maintain and restore fine vintage firearms.  The popularity of the vintage double shotgun is on a sharp rise, making it difficult to find factory original, high condition, graded guns, especially in smaller gauges (hence the rising values).  In addition, the finish on existing guns continues to deteriorate through use.  Historically correct, high quality restorations are now, and will increasingly be, part of our double gun world.  Vintage Firearms, Inc. is dedicated to the importance of maintaining and properly restoring these fine pieces of history.  Providing this service to our customers through our own full time craftsman as well as a team of artisans we have used for years will remain a very big part of our business.  We are able to utilize decades of information to insure only the best quality and proper finishes are used to restore and/or repair these fine guns to their factory, as new, glory.


To meet our goals we have 3 full time people to serve our customers:

Jay Shachter, President

Operates the business including all purchasing and evaluating of firearms that will eventually be offered for sale, providing education and information for customers, and providing quotes on repairs or restorations of customer's firearms.

Gunsmithing Department

Performing many of the required repairs, alterations, and maintenance on company and customer owned firearms, as well as coordinating services with our outside artisans for certain repairs and phases of restoration.

Alix, Production/Media Manager

Insures quality photographs and descriptions find their way to our selling websites, manages the Vintage Firearms, Inc official website, and handles all of the shipping, receiving, and record keeping involved with properly delivering 100's of guns to our customers each year.


Our team is dedicated to quality, and to providing the very best experience to our customers possible.  Our goal is to help our clients get the most enjoyment from collecting, using, and investing in fine vintage firearms while avoiding the disappointments and monetary losses that many have experienced dealing with less devoted, less passionate providers. 


We at Vintage Firearms invite you to enjoy our website, to take advantage of our knowledge and experience in providing quality firearms and services to double gun enthusiasts across the country for over a decade, and to utilize us as your "go-to" resource for all things vintage double guns.  We hope you take us up on our invitation!