L.C. Smith Ideal Grade 12 Gauge – FACTORY 99%, U.S. ARMED FORCES ISSUE, 1942, SUPERB GUN!

L.C. Smith Ideal Grade 12 Gauge – FACTORY 99%, U.S. ARMED FORCES ISSUE, 1942, SUPERB GUN!

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Used L.C. Smith Shotgun For Sale - American Double

L.C. Smith Ideal Grade 12 Side-by-Side


General Specs: LC Smith, Year 1942, 12 Gauge, 7lbs 6oz, SxS
Serial Number: FWE199966

In the world of L.C. Smith 12 gauge shotguns, it is not hard to find a decent Ideal Grade…they made 18,000 of them total.  However, to find one that is FACTORY AS NEW, WITH EJECTORS, AND NO COMPROMISES is indeed rare and an Elsie like that will bring a premium price as 99% factory original guns are indeed a rare find.  This beautiful L.C. Smith Ideal Grade on a Featherweight frame is that gun; showing as new in all ways and NOT A RESTORED GUN.   It still has the factory jeweling marks on the breech face of the barrels!  More important to some collectors and shooters, this gun is one of a very small number of L.C. Smith shotguns shipped to the U.S Military in preparation for WWII.  Called “ORDNANCE” guns, the military utilized shotguns to train gunners to take down enemy airplanes.  Setting the gunners up on the Skeet fields, trainers could teach gunners the concept of lead and how to swing on a rapidly moving target.  Most of the L.C. Smith guns shipped to the military were Field Grade guns, but 23 Ideal grades have been noted as being shipped and this is one of those guns.  As noted in James Stubbendieck’s excellent reference book “L.C. Smith Production Records”, MOST BUT NOT ALL of the guns were marked with the flaming bomb ordnance mark.  There is mention in Stubbendiecks,  Brophy’s, and Houchins’ book on L.C. Smiths that many were marked on the barrels with “USA-F”.  Some believe it stands for U.S. Air Force, others U.S. Armed Forces.  This gun is so marked.  Most of these guns saw lots of use and showed it, mostly the Field Grades.  It may be that the Ideal Grades were meant for officers and hence were not as heavily used and abused, but regardless, this gun is a rare example of a near new Ideal Grade issued to the U.S. Armed forces and will have special meaning in any fine collection of L.C. Smiths.  Mechanically perfect in every way, tight as new, barrels have special reinforced lug, this is a great, affordable Elsie.  You certainly won’t find a higher factory original condition USA-F Ideal Grade anywhere.  It has been shot, so you can enjoy using the gun while it continues to gain value as a highly prized collectible Elsie from the early days of WWII.  Thanks for looking, and don’t let this one get away!


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Barrel Length: 28"
Chokes: .028/.037 IM/F
Bores: perfect mirror
Bore Diameter: .729/.729
Wall Thickness: .034/.036
% Blue: 99% factory
Chambers: 2 3/4"
Ribs: Single Sighting Pane, tight
Sights: double metal


Action: tight, way right of center
Ejectors or Extractors: ejectors, strong, timed
Case Color: 99% factory
Screws: perfect
Engraving: sharp clear
Trigger Type: double, crisp
Trigger Guard Color: 97%


Type: capped pistol grip/splinter forend/ nicely figured for Ideal
LOP: 14 1/4"
LOP To End Of Wood: 14 1/16"
DAH: 2 1/2"
DAC: 1 7/16"
Cast: 1/8" off
Checkering Condition: perfect
Butt Treatment: factory plate​


There are more photos upon request. There is a 30 day mechanical warranty on this gun. Call us for full details. Please see all of our fine Vintage Firearms on this website. We have many more sxs shotguns for sale and soon to be listed, check back or email us for a preview. Thanks for looking!

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We employ a full time gunsmith on premises and can perform alterations to suit your needs within a few weeks of purchase. Common requests are: -stock bending to suit your particular requirements -addition of any specified butt pad to increase length of pull -alteration of chokes to suit your shooting preferences -lengthening of chambers and forcing cones -darkening stock color with penetrating stains -restoring any part of the gun including rust blue, charcoal blue, bone and charcoal case color, wood restoration and checkering recuts. If you like one our guns but it needs "tweaked", let us know and we can quote you a time and price. Some enthusiasts like the guns "as found" and others want them "just so". We often list guns as found and let the particular buyer choose how they want their gun to fit or look.