Custom Rifle in 6mm Remington – BSA 7 X 57 ACTION; PRECISE INLETTING; ¾” GROUPS; STUNNING!

Custom Rifle in 6mm Remington – BSA 7 X 57 ACTION; PRECISE INLETTING; ¾” GROUPS; STUNNING!

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Custom Rifle in 6mm Remington 


General Specs: BSA, 6mm/.244 rem, 7lbs 7oz, Bolt Rifle
Serial Number: 5B186

What a fine custom rifle we have here, with all the niceties and outstanding workmanship in a package that does what a rifle is supposed to do…shoot incredibly consistent sub-moa groups with factory ammunition.  Built on a British Small Arms (BSA) 7 x 57 Mauser style action with controlled feed and custom barreled to .244 Remington (same as 6mm Remington as the barrel has 1:9 twist to stabilize the heavier bullets), the action is smooth as butter with a positive, quiet safety and an incredible adjustable trigger with ZERO creep or travel that breaks like a glass rod at 2.75 lbs. pull every time.  The rifle shoots, there is no doubt, but does so with superb good looks and custom rifle touches that are both classic and racy.  The curly, burled, deeply figured Bastogne walnut stock is shaped to perfection, with a Monte Carlo comb, cheek piece with shadow line, ebony forend tip and sculpted grip cap, and the most pleasing golden-brown color.  The inletting is literally done to perfection throughout.  Even when you take the barreled action out of the stock there is perfection, with no glass filler anywhere.  The checkering is borderless, with no straight lines anywhere, resembling a flame style with internal ribbons and skip-line checkering done to perfection.  We all know how important the stock inletting is when making an accurate rifle, and it is obvious the maker of this rifle cared a LOT.  The Neidner checkered steel buttplate with widow’s peak sets the stock off visibly and functionally by keeping the rifle melded to your shoulder.  The barrel is stamped .244 Remington but the maker was well ahead of his time as the .244 Rem had 1:12 twist rate which did not stabilize the heavier bullets well.  Remington later came out with the 6mm Remington with the same bullet diameter having discovered the 1:9 twist rate stabilized a greater range of bullet weights.  THIS 22” BARREL HAS 1:9 TWIST RATE and a perfect bore.  IMPORTANTLY, THE LONGER 7 X 57 ACTION ALLOWS FOR HANDLOADING HOTTER LOADS AND IS THE ULTIMATE PLATFORM TO MAXIMIZE THE 6MM REMINGTON ROUND.  Weighing 7lbs. 7oz. including the new Leupold Vari-X III 3-9 power scope, it is a true lightweight custom rifle.  I have owned and shot this rifle for 3 years.  We don’t know who the craftsman was, but he was at the top of his game.  Get this rifle in hand…feel the balance.  Shoulder it to experience the cheek weld, perfectly lined up with the scope.  Look at fine touches, like the checkered and engraved bolt handle, the graceful shape of the forend tip and grip cap, the incredible wood.  Beauty and function in one package at an affordable price.  Don’t let this one get past you and thank you for looking.  


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Barrel Length: 22"
Bores: perfect
% Blue: 99%
Sights: Leupold VariX 3-9x new


Action: mauser style controled feed
Case Color: 99% blue
Screws: excellent
Engraving: bolt handle checkered and engraved
Trigger Type: zero travel, best crisp
Trigger Guard: M70 floor plate/trigger guard


Type: bastogne walnut; monte carlo
LOP: 13 1/2"
LOP To End Of Wood: 13 3/8"
Checkering Condition: flame skip line, ribbons, borderless
Butt Treatment: Neidner checkered steel


There are more photos upon request. There is a 30 day mechanical warranty on this gun. Call us for full details. Please see all of our fine Vintage Firearms on this website. We have many more sxs shotguns for sale and soon to be listed, check back or email us for a preview. Thanks for looking!

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We employ a full time gunsmith on premises and can perform alterations to suit your needs within a few weeks of purchase.


Payment & Shipping

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Inspection Period / Return Policy: Three Days from the date the item was received.
Sales Tax: 6% Michigan Only
Shipping & Insurance: Ground $45.00 We ship internationally!
Item Condition: Used
Requires FFL?: Yes


If you have any questions about this item or payment, please email me at or You can also call us at #616-292-6240. Thanks! Vintage Firearms Inc

We employ a full time gunsmith on premises and can perform alterations to suit your needs within a few weeks of purchase. Common requests are: -stock bending to suit your particular requirements -addition of any specified butt pad to increase length of pull -alteration of chokes to suit your shooting preferences -lengthening of chambers and forcing cones -darkening stock color with penetrating stains -restoring any part of the gun including rust blue, charcoal blue, bone and charcoal case color, wood restoration and checkering recuts. If you like one our guns but it needs "tweaked", let us know and we can quote you a time and price. Some enthusiasts like the guns "as found" and others want them "just so". We often list guns as found and let the particular buyer choose how they want their gun to fit or look.