1.  GUN PURCHASES-  We buy guns, one at a time or whole collections

2.  CONSIGNMENT SALES-  If you have fine firearms that you want to sell, consider trusting Vintage Firearms, Inc. to with that task on your behalf.  We have the most reasonable commission rates in the industry and do a superb job in representing your firearms on our own website and 3 other major selling websites.   We also travel to over 20 events yearly, both the finest collector gun shows and vintage side by side shoots around the country where we prominently display your guns for sale.  We are very effective at maximizing your return when it is time to sell your guns.  Please contact Jay Shachter via the "Contact Us" page for more information. 

3.  EVALUATIONS AND APPRAISALS- Many of our customers utilize our vast resources, skills, gauges, and tools to help insure they are getting what they expect.  Any gun they buy, from any source, is sent to us for a detailed inspection and report to insure they are buying a gun without unknown issues or flaws.  Essentially, they have us do their "3 day inspection", measuring and examining all aspects of the gun.  It is the same process we perform for a detailed appraisal.  The client receives a written description of the gun, with all details, on company letterhead as part of the cost of the evaluation.  This letter will help with their insurance needs, will give them the information required should they ever decide to sell the gun in the future, and also let the next owner know the details of the firearm.

If the gun has "issues", the buyer will know what they are and will have the opportunity to negotiate a new deal with the seller or return the gun for his refund.  Part of this service also includes a written estimate detailing what needs to be done to correct the issues or improve the gun.  We utilize our photo studio to document any issues for the client, and to help them negotiate with the seller.  We can also do any service work required should the buyer choose to keep the gun. 

4.  BUYING SERVICES AT SHOWS AND AUCTIONS- Many of our clients ask us to find specific guns for them when we are traveling for shows or shoots.  This is our "Wish List" service, and we do our best to contact our customers, dealer friends, collector friends, or others that may have what the client is seeking.  When at shows or shoots we seek out what is on the wish lists and contact the client if we believe we have found the item in question. 

More importantly, we travel to fine firearm auctions around the country with tools in hand to buy guns for our inventory.  Many of our clients have us evaluate firearms during the inspection days prior to the sale on their behalf.  Most auctions do not have adequate descriptions or photos to allow intelligent purchases without being there personally and with the proper tools and gauges.  Having Vintage Firearms, Inc. there as your buying agent gives you every detail you need to properly bid on the gun.  Many clients bid for themselves via internet or telephone, others have us bid in person on their behalf and buy the gun(s) for them.  This ensures you do not buy a "lemon", and that you have the info to bid to your maximum amount based on the quality and details of the gun. 

5.  REPAIR, MAINTENANCE, ALTERATIONS, AND RESTORATION SERVICES- from simple strip and clean, to full, historically correct restorations, we can facilitate your needs to keep your fine shotgun in top condition.  Please contact our Service Manager, via our "CONTACT US" page for details.  We have working relationships with some of the best gun people in the country, including stockers, engravers, and full service gunsmiths to do work that exceeds what we offer in our own shop.  There is little we cannot do in the way of improving your firearms.

6.  PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES- we can provide a full file of photos of your guns including a set of high definition photos and photos formatted for email purposes.  They can be of a simple type that we use for our gun listings, or more artistically composed with more elaborate backgrounds that would be suitable for framing or for use in an informative magazine article.